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Peace DoveFrom Violence to Peace
Statement of our Leadership Team on recent violence

We grieve with those who have lost members of their families or loved ones in the recent acts of violence in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Losing a loved one is never easy, and loss to such meaningless acts of violence is all the more devastating. We grieve also for ourselves and our societies when so many believe that acts of violence will somehow right a wrong, exact justice, or bring peace. The notion of redemptive violence is a myth on which far too many of us were raised, a myth in which too many still believe.

Read the full text of the Statement.

Press ReleaseWelcome Immigrants and Refugees
Congregational Statement - June 2016

The Congregation united to denounce divisive political rhetoric and to welcome immigrants and refugees as sisters and brothers in a statement released in time for World Refugee Day on June 20.  Our formal congregational statement entitled: Welcome Immigrants and Refugees also urges governments to look to the causes of forced migration such as economic inequality, war, arms sales, and excessive use of fossil fuels that are causing seas to rise, forcing island peoples out of their homes.

Read the full text of the Statement and Press Release.

Jubilees in the United Kingdom RegionJubilarians

The day was delightful as the sunshine appeared after a downfall of rain and a relaxed atmosphere was enjoyed by all as we gathered to celebrate with our Jubilarians, Sister Hilda Baxter and Sister Elizabeth Kenny both celebrating 60 years.

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JubilariansJubilees in the Western Region

The Western Region celebrated the jubilees of five Sisters on Saturday, June 11, 2016. Celebrating were Sister Ellen Caldwell, 80 years; Sisters Ida Mary McAulay and Eileen Keane, 70 years; Sisters Agnes Haddock and Kathleen Pruitt, 60 years; and Sister Susan Dewitt, 25 years.

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Living Peace

Associate Covenanting in the Western Region

Our joyful celebration of Associate Covenanting began with our cantor, Annie Welch CSJP-A, leading us in "The Summons." It was followed by a reading from Micah that has become a tradition during our Associate Covenanting ceremonies in the West.  

Micah 6:6a, 8:  With what shall I come…and bow before God most high?
You have been told what is good, and what God requires of you; only to do what is right, to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God.

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Living Peace

Jubilees in the Eastern Region

The 2016 jubilarians from the eastern region chose Spring, birds and butterflies as the theme for their day of celebration with family and friends in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. The weather forecast for that day was anything but a reflection of their theme - grey, damp, windy, slushy snow on and off all day! BUT the spirit of joy, gratitude, and celebration which permeated the liturgy and gathering afterwords overshadowed the mood of the weather!

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Living Peace

Associate Day in the United Kingdom

It was significant that this year’s Associate Day was held on Saturday 19th March- the Feast of St Joseph and we had a celebration befitting the occasion.
The day began with Mass in the Chapel, followed by the usual welcoming greetings and of course coffee and biscuits.

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Living PeaceLiving Peace - Winter 2016 Issue
Letting Go

Read the latest issue of our biannual Congregation Magazine, Living Peace. The theme of this issue is Letting Go. Life is filled with letting go, and if we are lucky, a constant process of learning how to do so with grace. This issue of Living Peace features stories which highlight various experiences of the Congregation in letting go in community life and ministry. Other contributors open us to the possibility of peace, salvation, and even momentum in letting go.

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Associate Covenanting Ceremony in the Eastern Region

groupThe chapel at St. Michael Villa in Englewood Cliffs, NJ was the center of much celebrating on March 13 as the sisters and associates of the eastern region gathered to witness two first covenants, four five-year renewals, four lasting covenants and to honor twenty-five year commitments of four people!

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CCP Steering CommitteeComprehensive Community Plan:
Pathways to a Preferred Future

This month the Congregation's Comprehensive Community Plan Steering Committee met for its initial two-day meeting at Shalom Center in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. The Congregation Leadership Team has appointed the Steering Committee to direct and ensure the implementation of the Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) for what we called a preferred future.

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Climate PromoPraised Be - Celebrating the Pope's Encyclical

The Congregation Leadership Team has issued a statement on Laudato Si (Praised Be), the Pope's new encyclical on care for our common home.

We have also created a resource page with links to our 2008 Care of Creation and Climate Change Chapter Act and other resources related to the encyclical.

Website Rebuild:

Due to a recent issue with the security of our web server, we have found it necessary to rebuild our website. We hope that you will find this temporary website easy to navigate. We apologize for any missing information or broken links and thank you for your patience while we rebuild our website. We hope to have the new site live in the Spring of 2016.




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